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Ceramic decal printer for high-quality SRA3 prints

The Ricoh SRA3 laser printer is a toner printer modified by us for ceramic printing with best possible colour quality and stability as well as low toner consumption. In addition to new laser printers for ceramic prints, we also offer used machines with warranty. Produce porcelain images for monuments and memorials, dishwasher-safe and food-safe tableware decor, wall tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools or art objects.

Scope of delivery of the printing system

The printing systems are sold in 8 different complete packages. They contain toner sets, developer sets, transfer papers, the coating medium and other accessories. Contact us so we can help you find the perfect package for your application.

Laser printer compatibility

Before we configure the SRA3 printing system for its new task, it has to undergo a variety of tests. This primarily includes verifying compatibility with our ceramictoner and with the coating and papers. With the new configuration, the SRA3 now offers all options for printing ceramic decals in SRA3 format (12.6 x 17.72″).

Individual customer requirements

mz Toner Technologies stands for ceramic laser printers – also with individual ceramic profiles. If you want a printing system for ceramic digital decals that is configured specifically for your requirements, then we are the right partner for you. Contact us for a non-binding quote or for test prints. We can help you to set up your individual decor production and finishing of ceramic, porcelain, glass or enamel. Our ceramic laser printer is easy to operate and we offer guaranteed service.

Benefits of the process

Your advantages are obvious: With ceramic laser printers from mz Toner Technologies, you can achieve unrivalled speed. In contrast to screen printing, you are not dependent on large print runs. With the laser printers and our toners, even single editions are economically viable – from the first print. Instead of the complex exposure of screens for screen printing, ceramic digital printing is time-efficient and resource-efficient with our colour management system.

The transformation of ceramic printing in the digital work opens up a broad range of business opportunities. We can support you with applications for everything from tableware, souvenirs and glass decor to ceramic tiles. The ceramic prints can also be used for enamel signs and lava rock. With the Ricoh SRA3 laser printer, you can set up your own production. Contact us now.

Other laser printers

Learn more about the Ricoh A4 Aficio SPC 440 A4 printing system.

ceramictoner – The original

ceramictoner is a brand of mz Toner Technologies. The in-house developed toners are manufactured by our own production and distributed worldwide. The range includes toner sets, paper types and printing accessories.

Ceramictoner ist eine Marke von mz Toner und verkauft keramischer Toner mit dem passenden Zubehör.