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Decal Printer MC: like screen printing, but faster, cheaper and more flexible

The Ceramic Decal Printer MC compact multi-colour printer is an innovative digital printing system for ceramic decals. MC stands for multicolour because the new digital printer works with eight to twelve colours. The printing process requires no solvents. In contrast to conventional screen printing, the MC requires less space. It offers a larger colour space and significantly higher printing speeds. As a system, the MC allows for small or large print runs with consistent colour rendering. This is a complete in-house development from mz Toner Technologies. The MC printing system combines all our experience in ceramic printing to produce a completely new approach for producing decals. Of course the laser printer is compatible with our high-quality toner sets. Learn more about the printing options in the following video.


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Advantages of the automated printing system

Economical: Purchasing a Ceramic Decal Printer MC improves many aspects of producing ceramic decals. For one, the digital printing machine requires significantly less space. No storage space for screens and exposure is required, reducing costs for storage, energy and floorspace. In addition, the Decal Printer MC features the lowest production power consumption in its class.

Fast: Compared with screen printing, the MC offers a larger colour space with eight primary colours and thousands of secondary colours. The number of environmentally friendly, solvent-free colours can be increased on request. The Ceramic Decal Printer MC prints 16 times faster than a conventional cylindrical screen printing machine. It only needs 20 minutes for a digital proof, which requires a whole day when screen printing is used. For all print jobs, a colour management system developed by mz Toner Technologies provides an easy, standardised lithography.

Flexible: The flexibility of the MC opens up completely new target groups to you, because it enables printing-on-demand as well as large runs with consistent colour stability. Without the cumbersome exposure and setup of screens, even printing one-offs becomes economically viable.

Test now: Get to know the new possibilities of our digital multi-colour printer for ceramic decals. Request free test prints from your templates. Or visit mz Toner Technologies in Saarbrücken (Germany) to experience the printing process of the Ceramic Decal Printer MC live and in person. We are looking forward to working with you. Your direct contact: Email, phone: +49 681 94 55 33 44

The Ceramic Decal Printer MC in numbers

Compact digital printing machine for ceramic decals

  • Flexible runs: from one-offs to large editions
  • Optimum sheet size: 31 x 83 cm (12.20 x 32.68″), ideal for the tableware industry
  • Photorealistic resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi, interpolated up to 9600 dpi
  • High speed: 200 sheets/hour with 8 colours; the larger the colour range, the faster

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