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ceramictoner for the entire application spectrum

All ceramic toner sets we produce are tailored to our ceramic decal printing systems. We combine them into application-specific package deals that guarantee lasting colours on your material. The development of each toner set is based on our decades of experience in pre-press processes, colour management and industrial production of ceramic decals. ceramictoner – the original.


Temperature ranges of ceramictoner

mz Toner Technologies offer complete toner sets as well as individual colours suitable for different temperature ranges and firing cycles. We can also produce toners in special colours based on your specifications. The firing temperatures range from 580 °C to 1.250 °C which enable the production of decals for glass up to in-glaze porcelain décors. The toner colours are outstandingly stable and have been perfectly adapted to our SRA3 and DIN A4 printers. It is also possible to run productions in the high-temperature range without any problems.

ceramictoner colour space

mz Toner Technologies offers two main colour spaces – the Magenta gamut and the Red colour spectrum – you can generally choose from. The choice depends on the image. While the colours in the Magenta spectrum look particularly natural – perfect for skin tones and to reproduce the purple/violet colour gamut – the red spectrum has warmer and stronger colours.

ceramictoner toner sets

All ceramic toner sets suitable for our printers as well as their specific properties can be found here: Magenta classic set, lead free Magenta set, Selenium classic set, lead free Selenium set, lead free Glass set, unfluxed Red set, special colours upon request. Select your toner set depending on the firing range, substrate and application. If you have any questions, please contact our multilingual service team. We make sure that your ceramic prints are perfect.

ceramictoner – The original

ceramictoner is a brand of mz Toner Technologies. The in-house developed toners are manufactured by our own production and distributed worldwide. The range includes toner sets, paper types and printing accessories.

Ceramictoner ist eine Marke von mz Toner und verkauft keramischer Toner mit dem passenden Zubehör.