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Printing machines of the future

With the development and first production of ceramic powder toners, mz Toner Technologies revolutionised the printing of ceramic decals in the early 1990s. Today, its business also includes the development and design of machines: ceramic digital printing machines for small and medium-sized companies processing colour prints as well as special purpose machines for the large-scale international ceramic industry. The focus is on prints for durable finishing of glass, ceramics, porcelain and enamel. These prints are also referred to as transfers or decals.

Technological leadership in digital printing

Specialist knowledge from the fields of chemistry, physics, electronics, mechanical engineering and printing result in tailor-made printing solutions. Our knowledge sources are supported by mechanics who work in a fully equipped mechanical workshop with five-axis milling machines, lathes and plenty of other technical equipment. The expertise in the fields of individual custom machines, automation and robotics is provided by our sister company Modiqua. All printers and print systems are manufactured completely in Germany and France, where we work on the efficiency of your ceramic pint template creation for the future.

Expertise in ceramic printing

The ceramic screen printing of m&r, the sister company of mz Toner Technologies, has been producing high-quality ceramic decals for the luxury tableware industry since 1990. Digital multi-colour printers were developed based on this knowledge and the experience in handling ceramic toners and pigments. They are the alternative to ceramic screen printing: the Ceramic Decal Printer MC, in half-sheet format 31 x 120 cm and in large format 90 cm x endless, with the Ceramic Decal Printer 5C or the upcoming modular machine Ceramic Decal Printer XT. Today, the first two of these digital printing machines reliably produce high-quality decals for enamel panels in underground stations and for orientation systems. The machines can also produce durable tableware prints in large print runs.

Sustainability of digital printing machines

In contrast to screen printing, digital ceramic printing does not require any solvents. This omits the high costs for complex ventilation of screen printing rooms and production can easily be carried out in any environment. For the people working on the machines and with the decorative prints, it is a much more pleasant process than traditional production where odour emissions dominate. With less space required, our printing specialists generate more templates because storage rooms and screen preparation are no longer needed.

Speed of digital printing

The innovative printing machines of mz Toner Technologies print with a significantly higher speed than in screen printing – regardless of the number of colours. They enable printing on demand with very small print runs and maximum 8-colour quality. The result is a currently unrivalled economic efficiency in ceramic printing. Large as well as small print runs are viable even for oversize formats, which are often required in the sanitaryware industry.

Digital & analogue printing processes

Printing precious metals and effects will remain the domain of screen printing in the future. For all other criteria, the reliable printing machines from mz Toner Technologies offer new opportunities on the market for ceramic finishing with decals.

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