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Ceramic prints and transfers

To produce decals for shaped and hollow objects, the varnish is applied with a screen printing table and a squeegee. Our fluxed and unfluxed varnishes are suitable for all our toner sets. For flat objects, you can choose laminate paper as a fast and clean solution. This is a simple, low-odour solution. Producing the prints with a transfer is viable from the first print – no large print runs required. With the ceramic printing systems from mz Toner Technologies, you can produce your ceramic prints for porcelain, glass or enamel quickly and economically.

Criteria for selecting the right paper

For varnishes and laminate paper, you can choose between different variants. You can use functional paper that was produced with or without flux. The paper variants are divided into paper with standard flux, lead-free flux, selenium flux, glass flux or flux for inglaze applications. Paper without prefluxing is used in combination with toners containing flux. The advantage of toners containing flux is primarily a visual one: Images printed on unfluxed paper do not leave behind any visible fluxing edge and therefore also no decal effect. This gives the product a continuously glossy appearance. This process is also recommended for high-quality complex prints.

ceramictoner – The original

ceramictoner is a brand of mz Toner Technologies. The in-house developed toners are manufactured by our own production and distributed worldwide. The range includes toner sets, paper types and printing accessories.

Ceramictoner ist eine Marke von mz Toner und verkauft keramischer Toner mit dem passenden Zubehör.