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Accessories – from whitewares to screen printing tables

Do you want to print high-resolution porcelain photos or individual decorations? We can supply everything you need to professionally produce your ceramic prints. Each accessory was developed by mz Toner Technologies GmbH & Co. KG to make your production process as easy and perfect as possible.

Screen printing tables and other professional accessories

Professional results can also be achieved with other accessories for ceramic printing. Our laminating machine and the screen printing tables for A3 or A4 format are used for professional further processing of the ceramic prints. Liquid varnishes are used with the screen printing table. This process is particularly suitable for decorating shaped items made of glass, ceramics, porcelain or enamel. Our screen printing table is a custom design that makes handling and cleaning significantly easier. The squeegee is equipped with a metal handle and a high-performance rubber element. In addition, the throughput of our screens is perfectly adapted to the printers from mz Toner Technologies: Your decorative prints get as much varnish as required to make the image transfer easy. At the same time, consumption is kept as low as possible to avoid wasting materials.

Whiteware porcelaine and stoneware

Professional results can also be achieved with other accessories for ceramic printing. A reliable selection of high-quality unpainted porcelain, for example, forms the perfect base for your ceramic decals. Order lightweight porcelain plaques or solid stoneware tiles in different shapes, formats and designs. Choose one of our plaques for traditional memorials. In the field of artisan products such as murals, we offer cast ceramic tiles made of the finest light-coloured clay. They are finished with a high-gloss glaze adapted to our toners. The strong tiles differ significantly from industrially pressed tiles. They are unique already in the basic version and perfect for finishing.

ceramictoner – The original

ceramictoner is a brand of mz Toner Technologies. The in-house developed toners are manufactured by our own production and distributed worldwide. The range includes toner sets, paper types and printing accessories.

Ceramictoner ist eine Marke von mz Toner und verkauft keramischer Toner mit dem passenden Zubehör.