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Reliably innovative: mz Toner Technologies

mz Toner Technologies is an innovative developer and supplier of ceramic printing solutions. It was back in the 1990s when we developed ceramictoner – the original ceramic powder toner. Our patented toner powders are based on our longstanding experience in ceramic screen printing. We are the only supplier to manufacture customised special colours and adapt individual toners to specific substrates. ceramictoner is produced exclusively in Germany and sold worldwide.

To ensure that your finishes are based on top-quality ceramic print templates, mz Toner Technologies employ engineers, chemists and a number of other specialist personnel. Your decals contain our many years of experience in ceramic decoration processes. We have been manufacturing decals for the luxury segment of durable finished lifestyle products for over 35 years. Porcelain tableware and accessories from luxury brands form the core market. With the ceramic laser printers, we open up the entire market of the ceramics, glass and enamel industry for individual and durable product design – from souvenirs to public art.

Customer focused and development driven

Previous customers regard us as absolutely reliable. We are part of a financially sound group of companies. We are a stable business partner for our customers. Our solutions do not end with the product range. Based on individual customer requirements from the industry, we develop special purpose machines and application devices in the field of ceramic finishing processes. The professionals at mz Toner Technologies work on everything from the application to the automation of adjacent processes. We use interdisciplinary teams to deliver the best customer solutions for ceramic digital printing. Our guiding principle: development ensures continuance. Our continually enhanced ceramic printing machines are manufactured in Germany and France. We never stop improving and optimising the complementary components. For decal printer applications, we supply our own colour management system that is perfectly adapted to the parameters of the toners and printers or printing machines.

Together with you, we find and invent the right mz Toner Technologies solution for your individual requirements and for the best printing results. How to contact mz Toner Technologies: email, phone +49 681 94 55 33 44

ceramictoner – The original

ceramictoner is a brand of mz Toner Technologies. The in-house developed toners are manufactured by our own production and distributed worldwide. The range includes toner sets, paper types and printing accessories.

Ceramictoner ist eine Marke von mz Toner und verkauft keramischer Toner mit dem passenden Zubehör.