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mz Toner Technologies


mz Toner Technologies is the worldwide leading specialist for ceramic toners. The company was founded in 1993 by Michael Zimmer, owner and managing director of the interdisciplinary NEWKOM Group. Its founder is an innovator, investor and driver at all completed and future development stages of the company.

mz Toner Technologies is always ready to set out on new paths. We are therefore not only a supplier to the decorative prints industry, be also a sparring partner. We aim to always stay one step ahead in order to offer the industry perfect solutions whenever a technology leap is impending. Our actions are guided by simplifying processes with high-quality benchmarks for the products created with ceramic printing. And mz Toner Technologies wants to simplify not only the handling processes, but also change production processes in order to save resources.

Longstanding experience in ceramic printing

A part of the NEWKOM Group has been working with ceramic colour printing for over 30 years. The group of companies supplied traditional decals made with ceramic screen printing to top porcelain manufacturers in Europe and America. Customers include, for example, Villeroy & Boch, Hermès Paris, The Walt Disney Company, Faïençerie de Gien, Vista Alegre and KOHLER.

This knowledge is invaluable for the development of the ceramic toners. Our comprehensive, longstanding experience in the field of ceramic decals is unique in combination with ceramic digital printing and toner manufacturing. In addition, this special know-how was the foundation for the development of the world’s first four-colour toner for ceramics. It was patented in 1992 on Michael Zimmer’s behalf.

From the early days until today

The NEWKOM Group has been working in the field of printing preparation processes for worldwide car manufacturers since 1982. In 1988, the company used this special colour management competence to produce the first ceramic colour prints. The technical expertise combined with the experience in industrial production of ceramic decals finally resulted in the development of the first four-colour toner for ceramics with a worldwide patent. In the end, this was also the cornerstone for the foundation of mz Toner Technologies in 1993.

Thanks to continuous research and further development, mz Toner Technologies launched the first lead-free ceramic toners as per DIN EN ISO 11855 in 2001. These were followed by our cadmium-free ceramic toners as per DIN EN ISO 11855. This breadth of experience makes us a specialist for ceramic toners, special colours and special applications.

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