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Ceramic Decal Printer MC: how decals are printed today

With the digital multi-colour Ceramic Decal Printer MC system, you can print ceramic decals faster, more flexibly and more environmentally friendly than with screen printing.

The Ceramic Decal Printer MC is another in-house development from mz Toner Technologies. With the MC printing system, decals can be printed more flexibly, more efficiently and more sustainably. MC stands for “multi-colour” because the new printer works with eight to twelve colours. The ceramic digital printing process requires no solvents. Within our group of companies we have more than 25 years of experience in traditional screen printing of ceramic decals. With the Decal Printer MC, we just wanted to find out if there was a more modern way of producing decals. The result is the innovative digital multi-colour printer system – the Ceramic Decal Printer MC.

Advantages of the printing system

The MC prints on functional papers with solvent-free toners. Companies who use the printing system gain numerous advantages: The Decal Printer MC saves facility costs because it needs only little space. With a half-sheet format and an automated sheet-feeder, it is very compact. In times of rising energy costs, it helps to make production more economical. It offers the lowest production power consumption in its class. In addition to economic efficiency and sustainability, it also sets new standards in terms of speed: The MC prints 16 times faster than a conventional cylindrical screen printing machine. The size of the print run is completely flexible – the machine enables printing-on-demand as well as large runs with consistent colour stability. And even one-off prints are viable if required. We print digitally – mz Toner Technologies.

Market launch of the printing system

The Ceramic Decal Printer MC can now be tested and ordered. Please contact us. We are certain that we are offering an attractive system for producing your decorative ceramic prints. mz Toner Technologies – your partner for ceramic digital printing, from toners to printing systems for beginners and small businesses as well as the large-scale industry. We know what we are doing. Read more about us here. We are available for direct requests by email or over the phone +49 681 94 55 33 44.


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