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Product Category: Accessoires

screen printing table with matching squeegee of the ceramictoner brand from mz Toner enables the application of coatings to the ceramic decal.

Screen printing table

Hand-operated table for screen printing in A3 or A4. It is stable and easy to use – the perfect solution for professionally varnishing your printed toner images.

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The squeegee from ceramictoner is suitable for decorating ceramic wet decals.


Use the professional squeegee to produce perfect decorations on your ceramic images and to obtain a flawless transfer of your decal.

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The Ceramictoner laminator enables coating by using laminated paper.

Laminating machine

This professional A3 laminator features a speed and temperature control. You can use it to varnish your toner prints quickly and without odours.

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Ceramic plates in 20 x 20 cm format for decoration with ceramic decals.

Handmade tile

New whiteware for high-quality plates or tiles. The stoneware plate with the dimensions 20 x 20 x 1 cm is produced by slip casting.

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Ceramic plates in 10 x 10 cm format for decorating ceramic decals.

Handmade mini tile

New to the range. Small handmade stoneware plates in a 10 x 10 cm format and a thickness of 1 cm. The plates have a high quality and solid body. They are slipcasted. Clay of the highest quality from the largest German clay deposit area in the Westerwald region is used.

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The porcelain plaques for the perfect ceramic decal. The shape is square.

Rectangular porcelain plaque

Just like our oval porcelain plaques, the rectangular plaques are made of high-quality porcelain. Your ceramic prints fire brilliantly and persist for eternity.

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